Wow there is a lot of 'stuff' going on in the world of late. This is rather typical after an eclipse. We just endured two eclipses--the 1st and the 16th of August and intermixed was the power day of 8-8-08.

Firstly, eclipses are a time of change--great change. The ancients would fear the time around an eclipse--hey, we are all creatures of habit. And if the ancients were alive today they would have reason to look carefully at these eclipes as they are particularly powerful.

On the 1st of August we had an eclipse in the astrological constellation of Leo. Ahh Leo the lion--here him roar!! And that is exactly what the eclipse focussed upon: self worth--not over exaggerated narcissism, but true self worth. Leo is ruled by the Sun--your essence. Are you worthy of a true love? of a better job? of more than enough cash to be comfortable? YES YOU ARE WORTHY!!! We live in a culture that denigrates those who are not 'perfect' in size, shape, intellect, look, cash flow, etc. But 'perfect' lives in the future; it is an unobtainable goal. Rather the 'perfect' goal would be to achieve happiness in the here and now, speak your truth and be impeccable in all of your thoughts, words and deeds. As a child of Spirit each and everyone of us is worthy of all the goodies the Universe has to offer. Leo the lion's eclipse taught us to see our 'Godspark' and know that we are more than good enough.

Eclipses come in pairs--one a solar eclipse (the new moon) and the other the lunar eclipse(full moon). On August 16th we had an Aquarian full moon and lunar eclipse. I hear the song 'the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius, AQUARIUS!!' Ok I will stop singing; the hearing impaired have asked me to keep to my day job. The constellation of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus--revolution--ooh! another song is coming on--'you say you want a revolution well ya know...we all would love to change the world..' Dang! they cut off the mike! Back to writing.
Aquarius has to do with group consiousness, group awareness, achievement of Utopia. It's about achieving world peace, ending hunger, ending discord and war, ending poverty, everyone getting along--learning from one another. So many have wanted to achieve these goals but they get stuck in the enormity of the task. How can I save the world? What difference could I ever make? The answer: a lot. We are interconnected energetically to everyone and everything. Like a pebble dropped into a pond-the waves go on and on. If each of us does our part in our little corner of the world, the only possible outcome is change of the present paradigm.

But wait if you act now! You can get the super duper magick excelerator power day of 8-8-08 intermixed! And yes in between the eclipses sat
8-8-08. A power day beyond compare--in many ways. The Universe is orderly and mathematical. The number eight has to do with power, manifesting goals. And when one looks at other aspects of this day it makes even more sense. The moon on that day was in Scorpio--a time for transformation. When one takes a look at the numbers 8-8-2008 and adds them linearly we get 26 and 2 + 6 = 8. Another 'umpf!' if you will in the power.

Bringing in the Kabbalah sheds more light on the subject. The Kabbalah is mystical Judaism. It is a book that truly teaches one to be truly empowered, to live life magically by manifesting your desires. It is also known as the tree of life-- a path for man/woman to reach
enlightment and reunite with Yaweh, God, Spirit. It consist of ten sephirot (ideas/attributes) and twenty two paths to get from Earth to 'Heaven'. Each path has its own lesson/goal that must be mastered to move on to the next level. Interestingly the twenty two paths of the Kabbalah are named by the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And these same letters are the subsections of Psalm 119. The twenty two letters also relate to the twenty two major arcana of the tarot. Drawn in 3 D, the letters placed end to end would make a double helix --the same shape as that of DNA. The numbers on the Kabbalah go one through ten for the sephirot and eleven thru thirty-two for the paths. Eight on the Kabbalah is the Sephira Hod--Mercury--the mind--one's thought processes. Taking the 8th tarot card (the Strength card) on the Kabbalah we have Teth--the heart, transformation of one's passions (it is represented by a snake). And finally, taking the number twenty six on the Kabbalah we have Ayin, the Devil-what holds one back, one's fears, the darkness before the dawn. Putting the Kabbalistic info all together it tells us: bring your head and your heart into alignment, rise above your fears and be one with Spirit and the Universe by creating the magickal life you deserve to live.

The final bonus here: you did not miss the boat. We can still ride on this energy until the next set of eclipses which will be in another five months.

In closing I would liken the present energy as opportunity knocking. If I had to tag a song to the energy (big confession here I was a DJ in
college) it would be Lose Yourself by Eminem. In that melody he talks about digging down past his fears and going for his goal. Shoot high!
Aim for that job! that relationship! Do your part for world peace and preservation. There is no time like the present to begin.