Ok, this time we are going to talk about the eclipses

Eclipses herald times of change.  And how pertinent can that be right about now?  With each eclipse we have a dichotomy represented by the two astrological signs involved.    The Aquarius/Leo represents what is good for the many versus what is good for me.  Now then to be sure, some selfishness is needed for self preservation, but like anything, there can be too much of a good thing.  The 90's saw us consume like there was no tomorrow.  Me, me me meeee!!!  Let's talk about me!!  Aren't I great?  Oh! let me tell you what I did yesterday.  Ugh!

Aquarius is higher mindset/thoughtforms.  How can we all win?  What is the option that benefits the most people?  But it can get lost in mindless, mental masturbation.

Most poignant example of the dichotomy can be found in the recent United States presidential election. An Aquarius viewpoint would be: Isn't this awesome!  Truly anyone can become the president!  Whereas a Leo viewpoint would be: Oh hell!  We don't have a white Anglo Saxon in there anymore!  Damn!

And so this eclipse asks each of us to examine where we can put into action what JFK once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.”  Forgive me if that is not an exact quote.  To be sure, in this day and age 'country' could be replaced by your mate, your family, your job, your neighbors, your town, etc.  In other words how can you think outside of yourself and be of true service? 

Karen Cook channels the Archangel Gabriel in the mode of Benu.  During one of her older tapes Benu speaks of the Ark of the Covenant.  He explains that the Ark is not a fancy box, but rather it is our bodies,  and that the Covenant is not on paper, but instead it is written upon our hearts.   Paraphrasing the session, Benu states that God promises to provide for all of our needs.  The part in the Bible where Jesus provided food for many out of a fish and loaf of bread was not a cute party trick.  Rather it showed how he could manifest for all out of seeming nothingness.  We are promised to have the same ability.  But a covenant is an agreement.  Our part of the bargain is that we must promise to love ourselves and one another.  Of the five times mankind has risen to greatness it was the lack of love that led to the fall. 

Now then, back to the Aquarius/Leo polarity.  Leo in balance is self love and self import, and to excess it is hubris and selfishness.  Aquarius is about the highest/greatest good for all, but it needs direction and change starting with the individual.   Hence I give you the message for this ecliptic pattern: love your neighbor as yourself.  Ask how you can be of service and expect nothing in return… no hook, no drama, truly give from the heart. 

With all of the talk of anger, unemployment, disease, famine, we are truly on a path of self destruction.  Yet where there is light, darkness cannot exist, and love conquers all.  Do your part today.  Extend yourself to another in need.  Per Benu, one smile creates a million more.  Imagine a world without hate, without bombs.  Imagine all those dollars for war going to create ecofriendly fuel sources, to fund education, to feed the hungry. 

WE have the power.  But to get to the 'we' (Aquarius) one has to have enough love for 'me' (Leo). 

Until we meet again,