Yes I did say that I would write about the Universal Laws, but I had a feeling that something far more important was on the horizon. Here it is: the swine flu or H1N1 flu. Not sure how much is government hype vs. real deal concern, yet much can be gleaned by further examination of the present problem.

First let me declare a big difference between Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission and Reiki. DISR leads to more success not only becasue it is 144 healing rays vs 1, but also because one is trained to dig for the original/root cause of the dis-ease.

Examining the issue through the 'eyes' of DISR I see a couple of thoughtforms/actions that helped make this disease manifest. Remember the macrocosm is the microcosm or as above so below/ as within so without. Our world reflects our thoughts and deeds. So going on the original name swine flu let's consider the pig. All animal totems have positive and negative qualities. In the lesser light mode of the swine we have the associations of being fat and sloppy. (To those who own or have owned pot belly pigs I honor that they eat little and are very clean. I am talking about the negative associations with the word pig.)

Moving on, where in your life are you fat and sloppy? Do you overeat? One's stomach is only as big as their fist. Take a long hard look at the space occupied by the food on your plate and now compare that to the size of your fist. See a discrepancy? Consider cutting your portions in half and saving the rest for later.

Of course there are those who have the blessing of a svelte figure despite their intake and yet they are pig-like by their sloppiness in physical body hygiene-specifically lack of exercise. We drive our cars here and there. We order on the internet and have our stuff delivered to us. The list can go on and on. Physical inactivity is a health risk behavior. Without your body how can you do your spiritual work? I am not saying that everyone has to don a 'butt floss' exercise outfit and join an aerobics class. But for the love of Pete, get off your duff and do something to honor the temple God granted you!!

One physician rattled off the properties of a particular drug: an antidepressant, an antihypertensive, a glucose lowering agent, a weight loss agent, a diuretic, an aphrodisiac, a cholesterol lowering agent and it even battles cancer! Geez! What are physicians hiding from us now? What doesn't the American Medical Association want people to know? The answer: NOTHING IS BEING HELD BACK! The drug is exercise-plain and simple. Sorry, my dears, neither I nor any physician can do that one for you.

Fat and sloppy can also reflect your cash flow. Do you spend beyond your means? Do not be angry with your creditors. You have your trappings because you promised to pay them back. By begrudging them you are renigging on your word. Such shortcomings in character make one a 'pig' in the integrity department.

Moving further outward, how might you be pig-like and sloppy in your outer world? Do you litter? God gave man dominion over the Earth not the right to rape, pillage and destroy. How many have scolded their children for cluttered rooms? Now what do you think our Heavenly Father has on His mind? Disappointment? Take the time to do your part and look up your local recycling resources.

Just as important as it is to be a good steward of one's surroundings and one's body it is tantamount to be in diligent control of one's mind and emotions. Continuing in the same mode, how have you been a pig inside your head? Lust? Greed? Anger? Envy? I could go on about the big 7, but the point is that our thoughts are things that enable us to cocreate our reality.

Having looked at the word swine, let's turn the attention to the word flu. When I look at it I see f/u or f-*&^ you!--a powerful phrase indeed that reflects the epitome of anger and rage. Depression is anger turned inward. Now class how pissed off are you at the world? Your boss? Your mate? The guy on the road? Or how depressed are you about your job? Your stocks? Your weight?

By following the questions and challenges to ourselves and our behavior, and with the knowledge that these affect our thoughts that lead to creation of our reality one can see how this disease came to fruition. We as the human race totally cocreate our reality. It is high time we start making a better one. There are many tools by which one can shift focus. I am teaching a meditation class Friday, May 8th. Also the Light Language class is coming up May 16th. This is a powerful tool using sacred geometry and color to write the script so to speak for making your life more fulfilling in all aspects-cash, health, love, etc. And of course the two week course in self-mastery: Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission-June 14-29th. In honor of the economy payment plans are accepted for the latter.

Until I see you in class may I leave you with an ancient, powerful and simple mantra: Om Shanti Om. It invokes peace. Chant it driving. Chant it at work. Chant it at home. Chant it as you go to sleep. Chant it envisioning Divine Grace blessing all of us with health, wealth and happiness.

Be well. Be happy. Be benevolent masters of your body, of your mind, and of your environment.