All of us go thru periods in our life where we feel lost/out of control.  That which we knew to be true no longer is truth. Relationships fade.  Jobs no longer exist.  The hopes and dreams that we created with another are no more; be it death, divorce, or an argument that led to the demise.  
Biblically speaking two people stand out as the epitome of piety and goodness—Job and Jesus.  Both went thru trials that would keep Prozac in business for years.  In particular it may difficult to understand why Job went thru his turmoil; a good man who prayed daily.  He lost everything.  Why?  because God wanted a deeper relationship with him. 

 In Malachi chapter 3 God is likened to a silversmith, holding each of us in the fire (of purification).  Whilst our respective worlds are turned upside down, He sits and watches the process of refinement, waiting to see His reflection in the silver. 

Sounds all well and good, but the whole world is not Christian.    Quoting Carolyn Myss, “if something is a truth with a ‘th’ you will find it across cultures.”

To Kabbalists and those who study the tarot the tribulation time I believe is represented by the Devil card.    Before I go any further first some back ground.   Kabbalists look at the Hebrew Tree of Life as God’s road map to return to Him.   The Tree of Life consists of ten spheres or sephirot with twenty two connecting paths.   The Kabbalah has horizontal 7 levels.  Seven is a big number: there are seven Catholic sacraments, seven visible planets, those born of the number seven were put off into caves in some cultures, believing they had mystical powers that needed to be cultivated.  And today there’s 7-11!  Oops!! on with the story.  The 22 paths on the Kabbalah are named after the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  These letters are the subsections of Psalm 119.  In addition the 22 paths correlate with the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot.  Longitudinally the Tree of Life has three rows: one of mercy, one of severity and one of mildness.  God is represented at the top of the chain in the middle.  Earth is the bottom directly below God/heaven.  The various paths represent the enigma of man in his evolution spiritually.  Each path represents lessons to be learned on the way to purity.  “Learn these and come home to Me”, are God’s instructions to mankind.   With that little background info let’s go back to the Devil card.  The path represented by the Devil card is path 26, Hebrew letter Ayin.  It connects Hod with it’s associations of the mind and of the planet Mercury, to the transcendental self represented by  Tiphareth and it’s associated solar body the Sun.  Hod sits on the pillar of severity. Tiphareth exists on the pillar of mildness, the straight shot from Malkuth, Earth and Kether, God.  And thru my son (sun) you shall know me.  Looking at the Devil card which is ruled by Saturn—that point will come up later—one sees a man and woman with shackles upon their feet.  As long as they continue on a path parallel to the ground (staying in their head, Mercury) they stay on the pillar of severity and their shackles continue to bind them.  These shackles represent dead end thought forms, relationships, jobs, etc.  Where as if they focus more on the Sun (or the Son of God/Jesus), which sits upon the pillar of mildness they will see that with a step up of the feet their binds will be no more. Yes, if they took a moment of reflection the shackles are loose.  In other words their bonds are not real.   This step up parallels looking to God for guidance; something we tend to do when we realize we need to resign as general managers of our lives.  Sadly we often do not come to that realization until our lives have gone awry. 

In Hinduism all is karma.  All karma is stored in the subtle body, an etheric double of our physical body.  All actions --good or bad-- create karma.    Of course they also believe that one can use mantra to ease karma.  Within the Hindu culture there exists a story that parallels the trials of Job.    One day the King of India and his astrologers were debating who was the greatest planet.  One said Venus for what is sweeter than love? Another the sun because of it’s life giving rays.  And so it went round and round til Lord Saturn appeared.  The group scoffed.   “What’s so special about you?” said the king.  “Good king”, replied Saturn, I looked upon my father the sun and caused sun spots.  Let me now show you what I can do for you”. As a foot note the king happened to be in the time frame called sade sati—a time when Saturn astrologically is transiting the house before your natal moon, of your natal moon and after your natal moon.  In a nutshell it is seven years of potential hell.  Now back to the story.  During the king’s seven year stint of astrological boot camp he came down with leprosy, was accused of treason, his family left him and he was imprisoned in a foreign country.  Let’s just say he needed to save the dollar versus buying a lotto ticket so poor was his luck.  Like Job and Jesus instead of becoming bitter he went deeper within , asking God for guidance  and for understanding.  At the end of the not so lady luck 7 year period Saturn reappeared. “ Good king I see that you have learned.  I will give you everything and then some.”  Well, maybe he didn’t exactly say the last part but you get the idea.  The king replied, “oh lord Saturn I only ask that you don’t do this to anyone else.”  And with that the king got everything back and then some.   This parallels the fate of several men of the Bible who when offered treasures asked God for wisdom. 

While I am sure there are more parallels that can be drawn we see that in at least three of the world’s great religions times of testing by God.  Though troublesome and tiring these testing times serve as a purification process for our ego (silver), the finite part of ourselves vs our soul (gold/ Christ Consciousness) which is everlasting.    Release your worries to God; trust and serve Him and all will be in order.  Run on ego (edging God out) and watch yourself implode.   

Whatever your belief system it is hard not to look at the news/world events and question what is happening and why.    If I may offer some simple advice in the form of a daily prayer of mine:  God bless me with the wisdom to know Thy will.  The grace to accept Thy will, and the courage to follow Thy will.  Amen. 
May peace and love be in your hearts.    Pray daily—for yourself, your family, for the world.