Mr X is a repeat offender. Heart bypass, strokes, diabetic neuropathy, and he still doesn't get it. "But why are you sending me to the endocrinologist? Can't you help me?", he cries. " Of course I can but YOU get in the way!! Something I'm saying is not getting thru. I'm here to help you help yourself. If I can't get the message across then I will find someone who can.". Finally, looking him in the eye I said bluntly "you are your own worse enemy. You have got to get your head around this process. "

Give $30 at the door, we bill insurance and the cycle continues- the cycle of victim mentality. Welcome to American health care.

The burgeoning cost of health care is multifaceted to be sure. Frivolous lawsuits, duplicity of tests, high pharmacy costs, hail Mary medical practices (keeping people alive well beyond what their natural death should have been)-- all keep the machine alive and gobbling up our gross national product.

After 16 years of practice I've seen many triumphs and tragedies of Western medicine. Perhaps if we focused more upon the underlying malformed thought process within the patient's mind we could get more accomplished in the realm of helping our patients reach their goals of weight, blood pressure, etc.

Oh, what's that? Take responsibility for one's self? Yes that's what I said. It's high time we in the medical community address what has been called by many names but here I will call it the 'original cause of disease.'

Whether it is Starr Fuentes, Carolyn Myss, Joe Dispenza, DC or Louise Hay , they and countless others have discussed the mind-body connection. We are energetic beings even more than we are physical beings. There are days when we have energy and others when we feel depleted. People give us energy or they suck it from us. What directs energy within our flesh suitcase is our attention; attention is energy. And what is meant by attention?? Our thoughts--they create, they destroy.

Think a thought of happiness and a cascade of chemical reactions that started in the brain goes on to affect the entire body. Relaxed states slow the heart. When at peace there is relaxed blood flow to the gut. Proper circulation to the gut allows for appropriate digestion of food. Good nutrition allows the body to repair itself.

Rather stay addicted to stress? Well the continued elevation of epinephrine and cortisol leads to elevated blood pressure, central fat deposition, increased blood sugar, suppressed immune function along with a sundry of other maladies for which Big Pharma pills exists.

Our body listens to everything we say. How? Again our thoughts are chemicals, and those chemicals do not stay north of the collarbone. They enter the bloodstream, causing multiple cascades of other reactions.

What is even more fascinating is that we are not doomed by our genetics!!! Researchers are discovering that what unlocks genes--good and bad-- is our thoughts!!! Wow!! It is true "as a wo/man thinketh so is s/he!!.

Here is an example of 'Original Cause'. Patients with breast cancer tend to have 2 traits in common: poor boundaries and over nuturing. Let's say someone asks Mary if she can bake cookies for school. She's tired, busy and not in the mood, but is worried how she will be perceived if she says no. So she says 'yes I can Sir (can-cer). The over nuturing represents Mary not meeting her needs first. She pushes herself versus getting some much needed rest. On Southwest airlines they ask that you put your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.

Tying thoughts to disease processes is fascinating and if so desired look into the resources named earlier or schedule a healing session with me. More over I would like to leave you, the reader, with two pieces of advice that just may change how you feel. Firstly adopt an attitude of gratitude. Yes your feet may hurt but hey you can walk! Your job may not be pleasant, but it does pay the bills. Your kids may not be an honor student, but they are honest and kind. Practicing gratitude is critical to one's well being.

Secondly stop viewing disease as a condition and take responsibility for your thoughts creating it by making it a verb. Instead of saying I have diabetes say I'm diabetes-ing. Come out to SOMA, and we can get into the original causes of diabetes. By making it a verb one recognizes their role in the process. If you have a part in it then you have some control. Victims don't have any control.

The world is beautiful. Be thankful. Connect with Spirit. Honor your Higher self by taking control of your thoughts and thereby your body and your future

Shanti and prem,