Having a teenager makes a parent somewhat forgetful. Nonstop school activity schedules atop of their own lives..yup life is going to get out of whack. One becomes not fully present and hence things get forgotten or misplaced like keys. My daughter, Mackenzie, is in choir, sing sations, color guard, winter guard....ugh.. I am busy following her around ...oh and in the mean time I have a full time job as a physician. No stress. Right!  

One evening the choir put on a beautiful program at the local church. I cried to hear the kids sing, especially an ode to their classmate who died of asthma. Good kids. Well time came to go, and off we went. My husband drove, but my OCD self brought my set of keys with the second copy of his truck key attached. Just in case his key became misplaced.. we had a spare.

Life was good....until the next morning. I could not find my keys. Mind you my mom had idiot strings attached to my mittens so to misplace my keys was not out of character. But this time they were nowhere to be found. A chill came over me...good grief! On that menagerie were keys to my home, to SOMA, to my office, to his truck, to my jeep. There were do-dads for places I frequent....cvs, the gym, krogers, pet co...basically my whole life!! Oh I was sick. Then a small flash came...go by the church. Praise God they were found by Kenzie's choir teacher. I called him, described the five pounds of shaped nickel and retrieved them the next day.

In humility I thanked Mr. Dillard and more importantly God for protecting me. Good grief...scan an info card from pet co or what have you...find out to whom it belongs, find their address, and you have the keys to their world. Gave me a whole new perspective on those tabs. Along with the fear of what ifs a huge wave of warm fuzzies made me tingle. The keys to my world were found in church...to my house, to my car, to my work, to my health (the gym), to my metaphysical school SOMA were all right there in God's house. And without Spirit/ God I would not have the prosperity to have my home, my jeep. Spirit blesses me with wisdom to have the job I do. Finally how could I exercise if I didn't have my health? (And of course one must exercise to maintain their health). This insight was nothing less than awe inspiring.

The reality check came when I thought Spirit is always there protecting me but when do I truly give thanks and when do I shut up and listen?(meditate) Ouch! Guilty as charged. I had become busy with Kenzie, with my world, with Duck Dynasty, you name it everything but where my attention should've been.

Now then I am not saying that one must attend a church to find Spirit/God. "Turn over a stone and there I am" says Jesus to His disciples. Some of these mega churches seemed to have the need for a lot of stones (bricks and mortar) to find Him, eh? (smiles) Commune with Spirit often...going to work, to school, to Kroger's. In the shower, on the pot, like a State Farm agent Spirit is there.

As for how to pray, the attitude of gratitude is the best way to start. Bad day? Going thru a divorce? Pissed at the world you say? Well...can you read? I have a patient who became blind in one week from lupus. You can find something for which to be grateful. Next consider giving Spirit a to do list. A dear friend of mine once said God doesn't give you more than you can handle. He never gives you more than He can handle. A light bulb went off in my head. I will give God a to do list!!! After all my MO (modus operandi) failed...what the heck! Let Him have a shot. When in a crunch I will drive to work, giving true thanks for my car, my kid coming home safe, etc. And then I will say...ok God I give it over to you: my relationship, my job, worrying about my son. Oddly enough it always works out better than I ever could've hoped. It's like Spirit/God has been around for a while ya know? (smiles)

Prayer is not enough though. We have to take time to be still...and know that God/Buddha/ Spirit is present. Years back the Maharishi Institute did a study on the effects of prayer and the hardening of the arteries to the brain. Published in Stroke magazine in 2001 the study found that a statistically significant positive change was achieved when people practice transcendental meditation twice daily. Granted that is TM but one can probably achieve the same effect with true meditation of any form.

So there you have it. Wisdom I gleaned from a brain fart. I hope it served you, and made you reconsider the time you take to be with Spirit. Remember the keys to life can be found in church. Church is God's house and God is everywhere.

Shanti and prem,

Jennifer/Adi Ma

PS I do have a professionally recorded meditation CD available for $20. It takes you thru the seven chakras with positive affirmations for the four levels on each chakra...spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Contact me at www.schoolofmysticalawakening.com if interested!