We in the Western society are very blessed.  We believe in forging new trails, new traditions, constantly looking to reinvent the wheel.   We want instant gratification.  We pay for an item that’s what we want.    And we tend to be rather ego and ethno centric.  It’s my way or the highway.  Consequently we miss so many opportunities for growth. 
In 2004 I started my journey with the teachings of my Master Teacher, Starr Fuentes.  The first course was called Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission (DISR).    This 2 week course of self mastery revealed how ancient Mayans did their energy healings.    How does it differ from other modalities?   In a nutshell DISR is a mini-teleportation of disease outside of the body, allowing for the Divine to intervene.  

I received the downloads that allowed me to channel DISR, and I thought that was it.  Oh no!!! We learned about sacred service.  WHAT?!???  I spent all this money for room, board, education and now I have to clean this lady’s house? Oh you have got to be kidding!!!   My teachers were not smiling.  So on my hands and knees I found myself scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, remaking my bed a zillion times until it looked like it had a facelift by a plastic surgeon it was so wrinkle free.  All of this seemed cruel until we watched the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?  In that movie Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks of the 1000000 bits of information the brain perceives every second!! We are only aware of maybe 1 %!!  Suddenly it all made sense.  The stories we heard about Starr scrubbing a master’s floor over and over and over again.   He was not a misogynist.  It had nothing to do with the master’s ego.  Rather it was giving her ego/forebrain something to do while she received the energetic/information downloads from her teacher.   Boy I missed the boat on that one!

 This cleaning frenzy I was doing in DISR called ‘sacred service’ not only demonstrated love and respect for the teacher; it also was allowing me to love and respect myself/my soul spark.    Cleaning the floor of every bit of dust paralleled me removing the same ‘trash’ from my ego.  The ultimate spiritual goal for anyone is reunion with the God source.  But to complete such a task we must work on being impeccable in our thoughts, words and deeds.  (Notice I did not say perfect.  Perfection is a future oriented goal while impeccability is in the here and now.)  One can accomplish this goal of impeccability through prayer, silence and reflection.  Or one can do this in a more active form via sacred service.  Now that I ‘got it’ I approached the remainder of that course and my other teachings with the attitude towards my teachers of ‘what can I do for you’?  Sacred service or seva (Sanskrit) allows for energetic transfer of information from master to student, it reduces the beast we call ego and it is a wonderful way to work off karma. 

All that training paid off in a big way.    Two weeks ago I returned from a most wonderful, arduous trip to Portland to see my mantra teacher/guru, Namadeva Acharya.    I was allowed to be of service to he and his wife, Satyabhama.   As you the reader may or may not know Namadeva is in the battle of his life—metastatic cancer.    Coming from my medical background I watched this man hurl up from his toes gastric secretions (as they cannot pass due to the cancer), clean himself of the residual mucous, and go right into blessing his devotees.    Or better yet get dressed and travel to another’s house to partake in a puja ritual.  Talk about dedication to service!!

Even from the hospital bed he counseled the hospice and hospital staff on the meaning of life and the importance of being connected to God.  While obviously in pain he nonetheless is totally surrendered to the will of God.  To say that I am in awe as an individual and as a physician is an understatement.  Four months ago he was fine!  Now he is hooked up to an IV for fluids and another for pain medications.  He chuckled at his predicament:  “most can eat but have no appetite when they have cancer.  I am hungry but cannot eat”.   Despite his predicament he presses on with his mission given to him by his teacher, Sadguru Sant Keshavada.  Jai Namadeva!!

I don’t know how long my mantra teacher Namadeva will be on the Earth plane.  But I am grateful that I got to be in his presence and be of assistance to him in his time of need.    He and Starr have both played powerful roles in helping me to be who I am today.

The stories about Starr and Namadeva should serve as examples to us all.  They are both Westerners who decided to pursue spiritual training that helped them to think beyond the person in the mirror.  Sure people give a dollar or two in the Salvation Army bucket or perhaps purchase some cookies from the local church, but what have you, the reader, done today to be a contribution to your family, your neighborhood, your city, your world?  Even Jesus encouraged us to change our swords into plowshares and to be there for one another.  Gandhi commented that he could not judge a drunk because he too had been tempted.  He could not judge a lustful person because he too had been filled with lust.  In essence Gandhi said that he could not be happy and at peace until all mankind/womankind was also at peace.  As within, so without. 

Look about and one can see the need for help by many.  If we all do our part we can make this world a far better place.  Take the lead from Jesus, Gandhi, Starr, Namadeva and countless other spiritual leaders and be of service.   Put down your armor and lend a hand.   It’s a lot easier to lift someone up with an open hand than a fist. 

In service and with love,