Since I have lived in Texas I have learned to appreciate the world of “more than four legs”.  Good grief! Do we have bugs!  Every year one critter or another has a bumper crop.  One year we had grasshoppers so thick that they would literally be all over the parking lot in Walmart---one every six inches.    Another time it was crickets; I have seen them so thick that their dead bodies would make piles the size of --and no pun intended here--- Volkswagen Beetles. 

This year is no exception, and the bug of the season is--drum roll please--the flea.  Yes, that's right the infamous, get under your skin, flea.

Knowing that all things have a reason I decided to Google the meaning for the insect totem flea and found that it dealt with dead energy.  Very interesting considering that we are in autumn and there are plenty of dead leaves lying around. 

But I couldn't just leave it as simple as that---there had to be more. 

It is also interesting that this comes at the time of Halloween or Samhain---a time to honor the dead.  And it what astrological sign does Halloween find itself?  Scorpio of course!  A sign that deals with death, transformation and psychicism.    And what tarot card is strongly associated with Scorpio? The Death Card--Key 13 according to Paul Foster Case--a card that denotes transformation and drastic change. 

Going a little further on the Death Card, it also has correspondences to Pisces as some cards have the rider with a 'fish face'.    This card's mode is transformation by motion, and it rules the second chakra of sex, procreation and creation.  The symbol for the sign Pisces is two fish, and one cannot have fish without water. 

And what does water represent?  CASH!!  Cash flows or one can have finances dry up.  There can be cash running thru one's fingers or one's assets can be frozen.

Great you say. So what about the flea and the dead energy?  What does this have to do with my cash?  We all have a lot of dead energy hanging around our cash right now, but if we get it moving we can regenerate the flow!

Clean out your closets, drawers, and garage.  Give to Good Will.  Tithe to the place you are spiritually fed. If one has a stagnant pond it eventually fills with silt and becomes a marsh, i.e. the water is all used up.  The same holds true for your cash.  Keep it moving!!!

So what if you have done your cleaning and it is still not flowing?---look at that second chakra of creation and procreation!  When is the last time you had a good orgasm?  ( Yes I said the big 'O')  Want more cash? Then fix your sex life!  This does NOT mean indiscriminate, unsafe sex.  Loving of self is fully permissible to get the second chakra revved up and ready to roll.

One can also work on abundance by doing a-bun-dance?  What you ask?   Move your buns!  Shake your booty!  Get that second chakra flowing!  Move it or lose it!

Bottom line--ok that was an intended pun--the media has us frightened that the sky is falling.  Last month I warned you of falling prey to group psychology.  Turn off the radio news and stay away from CNN.  Your perception is your reality.  Opt for a different reality and create a whole new world for yourself.    Work on your second chakra and clean out your dead flea energy.  Then step back and be amazed at your cash flow.