Another 100 + degree day here in Texas.  The dog and cat have called a truce til October.  Sweat rolls off my backside so quickly there are times I think I peed instead. So what could be the silver lining for us in this sauna??  Perhaps it could be a balancing of the yin/yang energy.  

Most are familiar with the Chinese yin/yang symbol-the sphere with two fish like objects swirled about the other sporting the color motif of black and white.    Yin and yang are the energy currents of the body and of the world in general.  As always if one can find a concept across different cultures then it must exist in all. In Hinduism the female/ male energy are callled pingala and Ida--the two currents of our Kundalini. In Catholicism the Divine feminine is the Mother Mary.  In Judaism She is called the Shekinah.  Female/Pingala/Yin is soft, wet dark, receptive, raw power    Male, Ida, Yang energy represents hot, dry, active, consciousness.  

In the late 80s/90s Goddess worship started to flourish.  The more obvious would be the self declared Wiccans wearing their pentacles proudly.  The Divine feminie is not merely a star.  It represents tolerance.  The Divine mother loves all of Her children. People became more tolerant of 'those on the fringe' if you will.  Gays, lesbians, transgender, and people off different faiths found places society.   Female power houses like Oprah demonstrated power with compassion.   

Unfortunately even compassion/power can run into excess.  According to the teachings of the Kabbalah, a diagram of three pillars along which lessons of life can be found,  the goal of life is not to run the heavy, structure pillar of severity nor the the soft, nebulous pillar of mercy.  Rather the quickest path to God realization is the middle pillar of mildness-a balance of the former two.  

Let's translate this pearl of wisdom into family dynamics.  Children who grow up in a super structured home often rebel as soon as they hit their teens., growing their hair, piercing all kinds of body parts to release their pain.    Conversely children to whom everything is given often fail to have initiative and have a sense of entitlement.    They try to fly from the nest, but do not succeed because they are rescued from the growing bumps of life.    Today's words for this over-mothering is enabling/codependency.  

In medicine we see this over mothering in the disempowering of our patients.  That's right , you're over weight because your husband is abusive.  You are a victim!!  Well...all I've ever learned about weight gain was that it  to do with oral intake/activity , a check book in reverse if you will.    We have victims everywhere!!!!! Fibromyalgia, depressive disorder,  headaches, the list goes on and on.   I've seen people in their early 20s want disability checks and yet I know they run around town in their cars on the weekend.  

Fast forward to now..President Obama is threatening that unless our wild spending limit is increased he cannot guarantee Social security checks.  That's right all those people on the government financial teat are going to be forced to fend for themselves.    Kind of like the 20 year old son who is told to quit buying video games and pay their own bills.   One will not die if gratification is not immediate.  Trust me I went through medical school watching my friends making money and driving fancy cars while I reveled in $10 to my name.  

The Bible teaches us to help one another, and it also says that God helps those who help themselves--not to the belongings of others.  Rather God rewards effort.  

To those who have health issues I strongly encourage you to take a serious look at your world.  What secondary gain exists in your malady??  How does the disease process serve you?     Instead of saying 'I have hypertension' phrase it as a verb.  Reclaim your power.  Now take ownership of the problem you created.   (Mind you, some issues are past life karma.). If you own your problem you can name it! Claim it!! HEAL IT!!!!  

Folks my conjecture iss simply this:  the heat represents an influx of yang, male, discipline energy.   Again yin/pingala/female is power while Yang/Ida/Male is consciousness.  Power without thought is frIghtening.  Thought without power is useless.   We have run amok with yin energy and it is time for balance.  The year 2012 is a change of thought form. Victim no more is it's motto!!! Yes help one another,  but more importantly work on empowerment and henceforth helping yourself!!!!