So often we go thru our days grumbling about all that we perceive to be wrong with our lives--gas prices, our spouse pisses us off, kids giving us gray hairs, that damn idiot on the road!! Whew! I felt my blood pressure going up with just writing that sentence! But as my mom used to say: look at the doughnut and not the hole. Do you ever stop and counter that liturgy of grief with one of all that is going right in your life? Do your kids have ten fingers and toes? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have the freedom to gripe about who is running for President?

As discussed in many self help books--we create our own reality by choosing our focus. Dwell on hate--that is what you attract. Dwell on poverty--guess what? another bill! Dwell on lack of love --your spouse leaves. QUIT BEING A VICTIM OF YOUR THOUGHTS!! Unless you are a schizophrenic, you have control over your thoughts. Thoughts are things--they are chemicals that permeate every cell in the body. Depression and rage cause damage in many ways to the body. Thoughts are also little magnets to the Universe. Remember that like attracts like. 'Oh she wants to feel misery today!', says the Universe 'ok, we can help with that one!!'. Bottom line: you are the master of your own destiny. Don't like your life: look in the mirror because therein lies the culprit!! What?!? I don't get to blame someone else? I can't point my finger at 'Johnny' and say 'he made me this way'!! Nope. Not in the 21st century where we are all in a survival game of reality in which we are the protaganist and the antagonist.

Take the challenge: for 28 days put a penny in a jar--maybe some really need a big jar--for every negative thought. See how many times you go down the road of self pity. Make your decision--do you want to continue the pity party? Not many people attend. You have to clean it up all by yourself. I know--I have thrown many. Now if pity party throwing is not for you, change your thoughtforms and start to see what is right with your life! Watch how your life transforms as you take the wheel of the bus and put it back on the road of empowerment. Remember--this is backed by Scripture: knock and the door shall be opened; ask and you shall receive.

Love yourself enough to soar with the eagles versus hanging around with a bunch of ducks who are not all they are quacked up to be.